The Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification – First Step to the Future!

Salesforce has now become the 7th most in-demand credential all over the world. If you want a bright and shining future this certification may be your route to it. I can’t help but highlight that the Salesforce certification is, in fact, the hottest platforms today. Go ahead and apply for the exam because this is the best chance to get your skills upgrade and make a great living.

If you want to know where can you get the latest most authentic Platform-App-Builder Practice Test, then keep on reading the article and you will find that out.

Why Salesforce Platform App Builder?

Let’s discuss why a Salesforce credential is important? As the IT industry gets to advance the threat is also increasing. So to minimize data and security threats companies are turning to cloud-based programs. Which of course means the application is also being turned into a cloud. And you can consider Salesforce as the leader in the industry.

Salesforce is the fastest and easiest cloud-based software for businesses. That makes one with a Salesforce certification the most credible. Salesforce had retired its Developer 401 Certification in September of 2015. Taking its place is The Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification. Today we are going to go as deep as we can in this credential and why you need to take the Platform-App-Builder Exam.

All That You Need To Know – Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam Details

With the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification, you will be able to demonstrate that you can effectively customize a standard application or even build a customized application. You don’t really need to know to program but it is necessary to know when to use coding to achieve an objective.

The exam is made up of 60 multiple choice questions, takes 105 minutes to complete and the passing score is 63%. There are no prerequisites and it costs 200$ and the retakes fee is 100$.

The Platform-App-Builder exam measures the following knowledge and skills in a candidate:

  • Salesforce Fundamentals 8%
  • Data Modeling and Management 20%
  • Security 10%
  • Business Logic and Process Automation 27%
  • Social 3%
  • User Interface 14%
  • Reporting 5%
  • Mobile 5%
  • App Development 8%

Preparing For Platform-App-Builder Exam

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Latest Platform-App-Builder Practice Test – Best Resource Available!

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