Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin SPLK-1003 Exam Questions 2019

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Question #1:

Which setting in indexes. conf allows data retention to be controlled by time?
A. maxDaysToKeep
B. moveToFrozenAfter
C. maxDataRetentionTime
D. frozenTimePeriodlnSecs
Answer: D

Question #2:

What options are available when creating custom roles? (select all that apply)
A. Restrict search terms
B. Whitelist search terms
C. Limit the number of concurrent search jobs
D. Allow or restrict indexes that can be searched.
Answer: A, C, D

Question #3:

Which of the following are methods for adding inputs in Splunk? (select all that apply)
B. Splunk Web
C. Editing inputs. conf
D. Editing monitor. conf
Answer: A, B, C

Question #4:

Where are license files stored?
A. $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/secure
B. $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system
C. $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/licenses
D. $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/licenses
Answer: C

Question #5:

Which of the following are supported configuration methods to add inputs on a forwarder? (select all that apply)
B. Edit inputs . conf
C. Edit forwarder.conf
D. Forwarder Management
Answer: A, B, D

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Education

More youthful individuals are picking non-customary ways to begin and progress in their professions while finishing and promoting their formal instruction. So as to effectively take an interest in an online education program, understudy must be efficient, self-persuaded, and have a high level of time.

Therefore, online training or e-learning isn’t fitting for more youthful understudies (for example rudimentary or optional school age), and different understudies who are reliant students and experience issues. We should discuss some advantages and disadvantages of Online Education.

Advantages of Online Education:

The key preferences of the online training background will be quickly clarified:

•             Cheaper: Online courses might be more reasonable than those offered at universities or exchange schools. A big advantage of online education is, you don’t have to travel anywhere. Courses only require you to connect your PC on a stable internet access and you are set for learning.

•             More Convenient: By taking courses on the web, you’re ready to choose when you think about and to what extent. You are likewise ready to plan your contemplating around your work or social timetable. Since you’re not bound to a study institute, you may take online courses when you need them as long as you are near a PC with an Internet connection.

•             Flexibility: Flexibility of online training permits the understudy command over their examinations. They can designate additional time in the points, which they feel nearly hard and the other way around. The speed of learning depends exclusively upon the understudies.

•             Technology: With the assistance of the logical innovation, understudies can do their online instruction at wherever. The main required pre-essential is the accessibility of PC alongside a web convenience.

•             Accessibility: with an online course, you can take a shot at the course pretty much any place you have PC. You’re learning facilities got nothing to do with your geographic area. On-line, training is another period of experience adjusting to the requirements of the world resident.

•             HighQuality Dialog: Within an online structure, the student can cautiously ponder each remark from others before reacting or proceeding onward to the following thing. This structure permits understudies time to verbalize reactions with significantly more profundity and thinking ahead than in a conventional upclose and personal discourse.

Disadvantages of Online Education:

Quickly clarified are a few factors that could contrarily influence your prosperity with separation learning courses:

•             Equity and Accessibility to Technology: Before any online program in which you would like to succeed, the understudies must have the web-based learning condition. Absence of access, regardless of whether it be for conservative or coordination’s reasons, will avoid generally qualified understudies from the course. This is a restriction of online projects that depend on the Internet get to. Value of access to students all things considered and parts of society

•             Computer Literacy: Both understudies and facilitators must have a base knowledge in using PC information so as to work effectively in an online domain. An understudy or employee who can’t work on the framework won’t prevail in an online program.

•             Limitations of Technology: User benevolent and dependable innovation is basic to an effective online program. Be that as it may, even the most advanced innovation isn’t 100% dependable. Sadly, breakdowns can happen anytime. In circumstances like these, the innovation is neither consistent nor dependable and it can diminish the learning background.

•             The Facilitator: Lack of Essential Online Qualities: Successful on-ground guidance does not generally mean effective online guidance. On the off chance that facilitators are not appropriately prepared in online conveyance and approaches, the achievement of the online program will be undermined.

•             No Instructor Face Time: If you’re learning style is one where you like customized consideration from your educators, at that point online training will most likely not work for you.

             Little Support: understudies are relied upon to locate their own assets for finishing assignments and tests, which is enabling for a few, yet overwhelming for other people. There is little help and restricted rules gave in online instruction framework

             No Campus Atmosphere: some portion of the conventional school understanding, obviously, is the excellence of the grounds, the school soul, however, you have none of that with separation instruction courses. Since you’re not on grounds or in classes, you may need chances to meet different understudies.


These components, both the advantages and disadvantages, contribute enormously to settling on an educated choice about the bearing regarding your profession way and how you will achieve your objectives: online, in the study hall or a mix of both. Be that as it may, toward the day’s end, web-based learning is autonomous learning. A ton of structure has been put into online projects, yet despite everything, it comes down to a student sitting before a PC by oneself.

Benefits of CompTIA Network Technology Support Online Self-Paced Training

If we didn’t have a steady stream of well-educated computer and network support staff, commercial enterprise in the United Kingdom (and indeed in most countries) would be likely to be brought to its knees. We have an ever growing demand for people to support both users and the systems they work with. Due to the progressively multifaceted levels of technological advances, growing numbers of trained staff are being sought to specialize in the many areas we’ve become dependent on.

Students who consider this area of study can be very practical by nature, and aren’t really suited to the classroom environment, and poring through books and manuals. If this is putting you off studying, try the newer style of interactive study, where everything is presented via full motion video. Where possible, if we can study while utilizing as many senses as possible, then the results are usually dramatically better.

Interactive full motion video featuring instructor demo’s and practice lab’s beat books hands-down. And they’re a lot more fun to do. It’s wise to view a small selection of training examples before you hand over your cheque. What you want are videoed instructor demonstrations and interactive audio-visual sections with practice modules.

It doesn’t make sense to go for purely on-line training. Due to the variable nature of connection quality from most broadband providers, you should always obtain CD or DVD ROM based materials.

Of course: an actual training program or an accreditation isn’t the end-goal; the particular job that you’re getting the training for is. Too many training companies put too much weight in the piece of paper. It’s possible, in some situations, to obtain tremendous satisfaction from a year of studying but end up spending 10 or 20 years in a job you hate, as an upshot of not doing the correct level of soul-searching when it was needed – at the start.

It’s well worth a long chat to see the expectations of your industry. What accreditations you’ll be required to have and how you’ll build your experience level. It’s definitely worth spending time assessing how far you think you’ll want to progress your career as it will often present a very specific set of certifications. Prior to embarking on a particular study programme, you’d be well advised to discuss specific career needs with a skilled professional, so as to be sure the retraining program covers all the necessary elements.

Trainees looking to build an Information Technology career usually don’t know what path is best, or what area to get qualified in. What is our likelihood of grasping the tasks faced daily in an IT career when it’s an alien environment to us? Most likely we haven’t met someone who is in that area at all. Arriving at the right decision only comes through a careful study covering many altering factors:

* Your hobbies and interests – as they can define what areas you’ll get the most enjoyment out of.

* Is your focus to re-train because of a precise purpose – for instance, is it your goal to work from home (self-employment?)?

* Does salary have a higher place on your priority-list than anything else?

* With so many markets to choose from in IT – you’ll need to get a basic understanding of what differentiates them.

* Taking a serious look at what commitment and time you’ll make available.

When all is said and done, the most intelligent way of investigating all this is via a long chat with a professional who through years of experience will give you the information required.


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